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WordPress is a content management system. one can use it to develop a personal blog or develop a more advanced website like e-commerce or social network. As a web development newcomer one can be confused as to whether they must use WordPress or not. Here is a list of why you must use WordPress when developing your site.

Why you must use WordPress

1. WordPress is easy to use

As compared to other web development stacks out there, WordPress is one of the easiest. You can develop a site within an hour and have your website online in no time. WordPress does not require any programming knowledge. You can design the pages without writing a single line of code, just drag and drop.

2. Easy and cheap to deploy

Any WordPress site can be deployed on a shared hosting. Shared hosting is a web hosting service where many websites are deployed on one web server. Shared hosting is one of the cheapest hosting package you can find and your server will be managed and so no need for server management.

3. Free updates and upgrades

WordPress is not only free during the first install, it’s updates and upgrades are also free. Since WordPress is an open-source project, it means a lot of people, even you, can contribute to its development. Many releases are published and you can update your system to make sure your site is secure.

4. Search optimized

Search engine optimization is the most important thing on a website. Your blog or business website needs visitors and so google and other search engines need to understand your website. WordPress has many plugins that can help you optimize your website for speed and search friendliness.

5. Secure and safe to use

Many people contribute to the development of WordPress and so every possible security breach is identified before publishing an update. The WordPress system is secure enough for your blog to run without any problems and without you having to worry about security. However, you have to carefully manage your passwords so that no other unauthorised person can manipulate your site.

6. Mobile friendly

Starting in 2020, google is using a mobile-first approach when ranking websites on google search which means your website must be mobile-friendly if you want it to attract visitors. Designing a website for mobile can be very exhausting if you’re manually writing your stylesheet, but WordPress themes come mobile friendly and so you don’t need to worry.

7. Many themes to choose from

There are a lot of themes you can choose from which can suit exactly what you want to design. Even with a ow budget, there are hundreds of free themes you can use.

WordPress themes

8. Site / Content dashboard

WordPress comes with a very nice and easy to navigate dashboard. You can add blog posts, images, and videos. The dashboard allows you to configure and customize your website. If you’re planning to be a blogger, the dashboard has many advantages for you since you write and publish your blog post easily.

WordPress dashboard

9. Extensibility / Plugins

There are many plugins that can help you change most parts of your website without writing or changing any part of your code. The plugins helps you customize the website to fit your exact needs.

WordPress plugins

10. Fast loading times

WordPress site is generally fast, However, the fastness of a website depends on a number of things e.g image sizes, external link and the design of your website. You need to be careful when developing your website to use image types and design decisions that can help your site performance.


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