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Website Design in Zimbabwe

Clouditate offers you the best website design services in Zimbabwe. We develop e-commerce, e-learning, web systems, social media bots, API endpoints. Contact our customer service desk and let us start working on your website project.

Our Services

Zimbabwe website design services. We develop custom, effective web solutions in Zimbabwe. Our services range from e-commerce, e-learning, social media sites development. 


E-commerce Solutions

Clouditate helps you create eCommerce stores in Zimbabwe with easy payment methods such as EcoCash, telecach, zipit, and other international payment solutions integrated.

E-Learning Solutions

E-learning website are one of the promising future in Zimbabwe. Clouditate develops an e-learning website for people like you. If you want to create a learning platform, contact us.

API Development

API endpoints are developed to interface with other frontends, user-end platforms. Clouditate creates robust, secure, and state of the art API endpoint for your system.

Web Design Zimbabwe

Website design is a process of creating a masterpiece, just like a painting, it needs research and preparation. Clouditate helps you develop a website that will make people love your services and products. We’ve got a team of web developers who’ll help you with everything, from website development to digital marketing. Here is our development cycle.

  • Design research
  • Web technologies research
  • Start web development
  • Market research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Re-iterate


Responsive Website Design

Over 60% of google searches in Zimbabwe are all mobile. If your website is to be competitive and effective then it has to work seamlessly on mobile devices, tablets, and all other devices. Clouditate designs are elegant, responsive and of the best quality. Our websites supports


  • Mobile Devices
  • Tablet Devices
  • Laptops and Desktops
  • All screens basically.

Search Engine Optimization For Zimbabwe.

A website is useless if nobody is going to see and use it. Clouditate helps you optimize your website and make search engines recognize and rank your content.

Search engine optimization is the process of making your website become search engine friendly and provide the best content that ranks on top of other websites. 

Our website design packages come with search engine optimization price meaning you don’t pay any additional fee.


Process & Workflow.

Here is how we help Clouditate create your website. We have a well-tested workflow that we follow in order to produce the best quality product. 

Our team is highly efficient in developing the best designs. Our client will be part of the team that develops the website to make sure everything they need is included.

Project Research

What is the project about and how to make it best?


What are the best possible ways we can develop the website?


Our team then use the wireframes to develop the actual website.


We deploy the website and iterate the process again.

Let’s Work Together

Contact Clouditate Web Services desk by sending a WhatsApp message on +263 77 3057 669 or send us an email.

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