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Africa is home to some promising startups and it’s our duty to support, talk and write about these brilliant companies before the silicon valley blinds us from seeing what is happening in our backyards in Africa.

Technology is Africa has been at a stagnant pace of development, Few companies have risen from garages to apple parks. However, in recent years young people are coming out of their comfort zone and development some worthy noting technology companies. Let’s see the list:

Top 10 Startups in Africa 2020

In no particular order

1. Trella

Trella is Cairo based trucking market place. They connect shippers to carriers in real-time. They offer services and technology to empower drivers as well as businesses. Their main focus is on improving trucking efficiency and increase the earnings of drivers and track owners and also making it very affordable for shippers.

Trella raised more than US$600 000 in pre-seed funding round in 2019 and they acquired a local competitor Trukt.

2. Gozem

Co-founded by Emeka Ajene in Nigeria, Gozem is a transport company that links certified drivers and travelers. They currently have operations in Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroon, and Senegal. They want to revolutionize how people travel. Gozem is planning to develop a digital wallet product and food/parcel delivery services in 2020. So keep an eye on them.

3. FlexClub

FlexClub is a South African startup that allows investors to buy cars and then match those cars to uber drivers who then pay the car owner on a weekly basis. It has a strong co-founding team with 2 former Uber employees. They also raised US$1.2 Million in a seed round led by CRE Venture Capital, Savannah Fund and Montegray Capital.

4. Vaya Africa

Vaya is a transportation company based in Zimbabwe. You should know about it because it’s coming very hot in the domestic market, Zimbabwe. They’re a data-driven technology focusing on affordable and efficient transportation of goods and movement of goods across Africa. They recently launched the VAYA air charter, a service that will allow business and tourism travelers to hire private planes to any destination around the world.

5. Carry1st

Carry1st is a South African startup based in Cape Town. They develop different mobiles that offer many services in different industries. They won the best news and entertainment solution award at 2019 AppsAfrica awards.

6. Andela

Andela is a Nigerian startup that focuses on young software developers/engineers. Giving those young engineers and connecting them with the world. They’re catalyzing the global growth of the technology ecosystem in Africa. They currently have tech campuses in Lagos, Nairobi, and Kampala and they build high performing engineering teams with African top developers and programmers. 

7. Payitup

Payitup is a Zimbabwean fintech startup seeking to launch various mobile and web payment services. Their solutions will cut across goods and services,  insurance and investment

8. Abacus Invest

An investing platform. Abacus allows people to trade with such easy using their system.

9. Lori Systems

Logistics company that offers connection of cargo owners and transporters.

10. AgroCenta

AgroCenta is a Ghana based agriculture value company. Founded by two ex-esoko employees, Francis Obirikorang and Michael K. Ocansey in 2015, to solve problems around farming such as access to market and also access to capital. Access to transparent and reliable markets.


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