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accepting online payments in Zimbabwe

It’s no secret more than half of all Zimbabweans depend on money and support they receive from their diasporas friends and family. The liquidity crisis in Zimbabwe also contributed to the acute need for alternative money transfer solutions, foreign currency demands, and shortages. Thanks to technology, you can now receive or send your money online without any risk of losing it through online payment methods in zimbabwe.

After Paypal and Stripe blacklisted Zimbabwe, receiving payments from abroad has never been hard. The Paynow is the alternative payment solution you can use to do normal online, foreign transactions without fear of your account being barred.


It’s a Zimbabwean payment services provider and a member of the WebDev group. It’s the only easy to use and affordable online payment methods in zimbabwe. You can receive payment via many options including:

  • Ecocash / OneMoney / Telecash
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Zimswitch VPayments

 Using Paynow is very affordable but not free. You can choose to absorb the fees or pass it on to the sender. You can also split the charges with the sender.

How to receive money with Paynow

  • Visit paynow login page if already have an account or signup page.
  • After signing in, under receive payments, click manage payment bank accounts. and choose your account number that will receive all the money from different payment methods.
  • Confirm your banking details by sending your bank statement to paynow via their website.
  • Under receive payments click create payments request. (One-time request) or create payment button.
  • If you want the one-time payment request, after the above step, click a button create payment request, and put all the required details including the amount and email address of the customer.
  • Your customer or the one who needs to pay you money will receive an email address that they can use to send you money directly into your account.

Accept payments on a WordPress website using Paynow

Every business in Zimbabwe requires a website that will help them market their business in Zimbabwe and beyond. After creating that website you need a payment solution for the website. This tutorial will teach you how to receive money with paynow on a WordPress site.

  • Follow the above tutorial steps
  • Under Receive Payment, click Other Ways to Get Paid
  • Scroll down the page to “3rd Party Shopping Carts & Business Systems Integration” and click create/manage shopping carts.
  • Under Advanced Integration, Click advanced integration and enter all your details and save.
  • You’ll be given an integration key and ID which you’ll need to integrate paynow into your website.
  • Go into your website and download the paynow woocommerce plugin.
  • Install the WooCommerce plugin and install the paynow woo-commerce extension plugin.
  • Setup your woo-commerce payment options and enable paynow.

You’ve successfully integrated your website with Paynow.

Accept paynow payments on a Django python website

Many developers in Zimbabwe are now using web frameworks such as Django or laravel. Accepting paynow payments can be a very hard task when you want to customize your payment platform to your own needs. This tutorial teaches you how to accept paynow EcoCash, telecash, onemoney, and Vpayments on your Django website.

Python and Paynow

Now you have installed your Django and created your application. The first thing is to install paynow, create your payment method in your paynow, and have the merchant key and your integration id.

  1. Install Python
pip install paynow

2. Now use the installed paynow to start accepting payments


from paynow import Paynow

# a function that takes account_id, amount, phone, method and email address for the client
def paynow(self, account_id, email, phone, amount, method):
        #iniialise paynow
        paynow = Paynow(
        load = paynow.create_payment(self.account_id, self.email)
        load.add('Payment description', self.amount)
        response = paynow.send_mobile(load, self.phone, self.method)

            poll_url = response.poll_url
            status = paynow.check_transaction_status(poll_url)
            print("Payment Status: ", status.status)
            #place the transaction inside your AccountPayments database table
            account_pay = AccountPayment.objects.create(
                account = self.account,
                amount = self.amount,
                method = self.method,
                status = status.status

            # get the balance in your database
            account_init_balance = account.balance

            #update your account balance
            if status.paid:
                Account.objects.filter(pk=account_id).update(balance=(account_init_balance + amount))


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