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How to accept online payments in Zimbabwe

It’s no secret more than half of all Zimbabweans depend on money and support they receive from their diasporas friends and family. The liquidity crisis in Zimbabwe also contributed to the acute need for alternative money transfer solutions, foreign currency demands,...

Top 10 African Startups you should know in 2020

Africa is home to some promising startups and it’s our duty to support, talk and write about these brilliant companies before the silicon valley blinds us from seeing what is happening in our backyards in Africa. Technology is Africa has been at a stagnant pace of...

WhatsApp Stopped Working on Older Phones

WhatsApp will stop supporting millions of old version phones as from 1 Feb 2020WhatsApp announced that old versioned mobile phones will no longer be supported. This move affected million of android and iPhone users alike as they're forced to find a phone with a recent...

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WhatsApp Stopped Working on Older Phones

WhatsApp has stopped from supporting older mobile phones, Android and iOS alike. Phones with Android version 2.3.7 and older are no longer supported.

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