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making money fast in Zimbabwe

There are many way to make money in Zimbabwe. Despite the economy hardships in Zimbabwe, there are ways you can work your way up and earn money for your self. Here is a list of ways you can make money using technology or the internet in Zimbabwe.

1. Creating a blog

Blogging is one of the old ways of earning money online. It can be very hard, but once you develop your audience and find a single niche to create content on, earning money becomes easy and fast. Blogging can bring you money by using google adsense or directly marketing and advertising other businesses ‘ products and services. The biggest trick of making money from blogging in Zimbabwe is to write content that fits your potential marketing customers e.g. agriculture, mining, beauty, and many other industries.

Blogging in Zimbabwe

2. Online market trading

You can invest in the stock market and earn money real quick. Many people in Zimbabwe are into online trading and earning money from it. However, being in Zimbabwe, you need ways to find banking details and methods of receiving the funds from outside the country. Market trading also needs considerable expertise needed so you need to find a tutor who can help you learn the basics of trading before you lose your money.

3. Money changing

This should not come as a surprise to anybody. Money changing is one of the common ways of making money in Zimbabwe. You need to have foreign currency to start trading. And you also need to be aware of the market forces and stay ahead of the money changing rate like predicting when the exchange rates will change.

4. Online directories

Building an online directory is another way you can find money in Zimbabwe. You can build a directory for jobs, classifieds, real estate, and many other things. The only hardship you’ll find is where to find the items to list on the website but a camera will do. There are many examples of online directories e.g. zimplaza, classifieds, etc.

The online directory can be monetized the same way you can monetize a blog, that is adverting and marketing services and products.

5. Farming or Agriculture

Zimbabwe is known for it’s farming lands. Many people have neglected their farms and you can borrow a farm and start farming. You can start a goat, cattle farm. Or even do tobacco or cotton farming. Farming can make you earn a lot of money in just one farming season, you just need to plan and make a connection with those you will supply your goods to.

6. Fuel deals

Since Zimbabwe is having fuel shortages, you can earn money by buying fuel form outside the country or even local fuel station and resell it to people with your own markup price. If you need to import fuel, you need special arrangements and licences with the government to prevent problems with the police.

7. Fast food

Cooking food and selling it to people in town can be a way to make money, even though you have to be aware of the competition and material supply hardships. If you can make arrangements with companies and provide them with food during the launch time you can reduce your expenses and make money real quick.

8. Software as a Service

Zimbabwe is still behind in terms of technology. If you’re a programmer or have money to pay one, then you can build your software and start earning money by renting it to companies in Zimbabwe.

9. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you’re promoting other company’s services or products on your platform or in person. You just need an internet connection and a laptop to start earning money from this form of marketing. However, to generate leads, you need to have a platform, e.g popularity on social media, or having a website or blog on which to write about your customers and promote their products. There’re numerous platforms you can use to get started. Best affiliate programs in Zimbabwe list many means you can utilize to start making money.

10. Social media marketing

Not so different from affiliate marketing, social media marketing is another form of affiliate marketing you can use in Zimbabwe. With one or many social media accounts, you post good content to your followers which will then give awareness about the products and services you’re marketing. Here are example of marketing you can do on social media:

  • Event advertising
  • Brand awareness
  • Product advertising
  • Service advertising
  • Promoting fliers and related

The trick is to have as many followers as you can on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, tictok, and other social media platforms. And make sure you don’t spam people with your marketing content because they’ll block you.

11. Publishing books

If you love blogging, then writing books about things you blog about is not a bad idea. When you think of writing books, don’t get tricked into thinking that maybe you need a degree or some formal publishers, the internet can help you publish the book. You can sell that book on amazon and start earning money fast.

12. Teaching classes

If you love teaching, and have a certificate or a degree, or a unique skill, then you can find institutions that need you. With the private schools all looking for per contract workers, you can apply and get employed for a month or so and have a salary.

13. Writing product reviews

If you have experience in a certain market niche, there’s a chance you can earn money by using the knowledge to write product reviews on your blog or telling people directly using social media platforms like Youtube or Tiktok.


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