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e-commerce in Zimbabwe

E-commerce is here in Zimbabwe. We need to embrace it and begin adapting the internet as a means to do business. There is a world of opportunities for your company to explore and it’s right there on the internet. Zimbabwe’s export promotion body, ZimTrade, appreciated that with the growing use and adoption of the internet in the world of business, it is an opportunity that all MSMEs, small companies like yours in Zimbabwe should take the chance and explore eCommerce.

What is eCommerce

Ecommerce, sometimes known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, is the buying and selling of services and products on the internet. It is also the transfer of money, funds on the internet to buy or sell physical goods, and or virtual products and services.

E-commerce Models

E-commerce has four models which describes the transactions between businesses and their clients. All these e-commerce models are applied in Zimbabwe.

1. Business to Consumers

This is when a business sells good or services to a cosumer directly. It is also referred to as business to person e-commerce.

2. Business to Business

This is when a business sell goods and services to another business. It happens when a business sells goods or services such as software that other businesses can use.

3. Consumer to Consumer

As the name suggests, this is when a consumer sell goods and services to another consumer. It is also referred as person to person business.

4. Consumer to Business

Consumer to business e-commerce is when a person sells goods to a business over the internet. Example being a company buying brooms to a person.

Zimbabwe E-commerce Websites

There are e-commerce solutions in Zimbabwe, but the lack of internet connectivity hinders much progress and success. People tend not to trust online buying of goods and rely on what they can touch and buy. Even with those trust problems, here are the top e-commerce solutions in Zimbabwe.

Some of these however are just directories and cannot process any transaction.

Why e-commerce was so hard in Zimbabwe

Just as everything that needs an internet connection, Africa and Zimbabwe is not yet there. Getting successful with an eCommerce business can be very hard. However, internet connectivity is now fairly everywhere in Zimbabwe and a ready launching your e-commerce business is not a very bad idea. Let’s why eCommerce was such a hard thing in Zimbabwe

  • Online payment solutions: Zimbabwe uses bond note as its currency and there were no online payment solutions to process the payments until recently, Paynow came and revolutionized online payments in Zimbabwe.
  • Internet charges: The Internet was very expensive in Zimbabwe and people dis not afford it. But now, many people have become accustomed to social media and the internet.
  • Trust: Many people don’t trust online transactions, and building that trust is very difficult but with enough marketing and advertising, one can be successful in that untapped industry.
  • Lack of knowledge – Without the knowledge of e-commerce in Zimbabwe, people will never use it. Some of the best ways of improving awareness are through traditional channels of communication such as radio and television.

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