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Python meta class with code examples

What is a python metaclass Metaclasses in python are a useful way to describe the behavior of a class. Metaprogramming is a programming technique used in a computer software component to have the ability to treat other components as described in their data. It...

10 reasons why you must use WordPress

WordPress is a content management system. one can use it to develop a personal blog or develop a more advanced website like e-commerce or social network. As a web development newcomer one can be confused as to whether they must use WordPress or not. Here is a list of...

WordPress vs Django

Web development tools (WordPress vs Django) WordPress is a free content management system that many companies and bloggers use. Whereas Django is a web framework that many developers use to power their websites and building websites from scratch. Choosing between the...

Django MetaClass

Python meta class and uses in Django meta class A metaclass is a class whose instance is a class. It defines the behavior of classes and their instances, a class decorator. In the Django web framework, a metaclass is used to define an extra option for a model or form...

Django, PostgreSQL and Docker Setup (Linux)

Django is a python web framework that encourages clean and pragmatic design. It uses the MVT design pattern. Docker Django, PostgreSQL appear more often in people's development stack. Django is one of the best web frameworks. And many people are using it for...

How to create a blog using the Django web framework

Django blog Django is a python web framework that encourages clean and pragmatic design. It uses the MVT design pattern. And we're going to create a Django blog today. We’re going to create a blog using the Django web framework. Many people love Django and python but...

How to create a blog with WordPress

Personal blogs are a way to connect with many people through sharing experiences, knowledge, and tutorials. Many people have asked me questions like how to create a blog using WordPress?. And I realized it's a topic many people love and I should write a blog post...

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